Mobile App Development FAQ’s- Frequently asked Questions

July 4, 2023

If you are a company whose survival and success rates in the market depend on the number of online customers you get to engage with on a daily basis, then it’s time for you to think of building a mobile app that can widen your revenue streams with steady interaction and delivery of tailor-made solutions for your target audience. But before you set sail with the idea of developing an app, it’s essential to understand that app-making is a complex process that requires the technical expertise of developers who have good exposure to the app market. Since you may be developing an app for the first time, you need to consider the ground realities and expected outcomes much before you take a plunge into the world of mobile app marketing. So here are a few questions you need to address first to make sure you are building an app the right way.

Do I have the perfect idea for an app?
It’s always good to have tons of ideas for your app. If you are adept at making a mix and match of ideas, you will never fall into the trap of limiting yourself with one idea that you love the most. Ideas should enable breakthroughs, so be wise and junk all impractical ideas early in the game. Take a survey of the app market, examine the reasons why certain apps have succeeded or failed, share your app-making idea with people from your industry and seek their feedback. You can then tweak or re-jig your ideas on the basis of the feedback and move ahead with development strategies. Every new product goes through a trial by fire. Your app could be a big hit in the market or a total flop. Based on the market reaction to your app, you can make new add-ons or take an all-new business course. Have loads of patience since it takes time to measure market reaction. App development can prove to be an expensive affair if you do not have a flawless start-to-finish strategy. You can either develop apps on your own with the use of multiple user-friendly tools or hire a professional developer. There may be a wide difference in costs incurred in both these scenarios, but it’s the quality of the app that decides the fate of your idea. Engaging a professional developer has its own advantages.

How do I get my app idea off the ground?
a) Have a crystal clear plan in place. Document your idea with a point-by-point illustration of how differently you are going to cater to the needs of a market.

b) With mock-ups, you can set your ideas in motion. Draw a mock-up of your app, detailing each plan with a screen-by-screen shot. You can do this by depending on any of the interactive prototyping tools available on the Internet. Once you zero in on your prototype, make a list of your requirements and approach a design and development company that can help you execute your app plan.

How do I test waters?
Develop a prototype first. Your prototype will just represent the bare essentials of your app. If the target is sales through Ecommerce, then your app prototype just needs products display and checkout options. The rest of the features can come in later. This is the best way to test the market, but do remember to ask for feedback from customers as your follow-up plan greatly depends on user behavior and preferences.

Which product management process should I rely on?
Agile methodology is considered best. It enables collaboration between team members and gives clients frequent updates on the progress of the project through demonstrations from the development team. Agile helps you stay flexible by enabling you to apply the lessons learnt from testing in the next phase of iteration.

What’s the difference between native apps and web-based apps?
Apps built for a specific device are called “native apps”. You can download them from the App Store or Google Play. On the other hand, web-based apps are those that load within a mobile browser, like any website. You neither have to download them nor need to have extra space on your mobile device. Their sole purpose is to provide content and functionality on a mobile device.

How much does it cost to develop an app?
The cost of an app depends much on the design and development process itself, just as in the case of website or software application development or digital marketing campaign management. You need to factor in the time, knowledge and experience being invested by a team of developers. For a rough estimate of how much it’s going to cost you to develop an app, read this.

Which platform should we build our app on?
Take the assistance of website and mobile analytics to research your market and establish the profile of your target audience/users/customers before you decide to opt for iOS or the Android platform. If you are a newbie in the mobile web/app world, you can even go to Think With Google and delve into stats and trends on mobile adoption across the world.

How should we market our app?
Think of all the marketing channels you can put to great use, from a website to newsletters to events to direct mail campaigns to social media promotions and online advertising. Encourage user reviews and work on the feedback to improve your app’s usability and user experience. Once you do that, hit the marketing trail again.

What platforms do you develop for?
We can help you reach a wider target audience by developing apps for iPhone and Android.

Why should I choose HubSpire?
At HubSpire, every app design and development process is led by a highly-skilled, accomplished and experienced team of professionals. We set the highest possible standards by attaining the targeted benchmarks and promise you a partnership that will not only take you places, but also give you absolute happiness and satisfaction.

I want an app for my business, but how do I make a start?
 You have come to the right place. Our team can answer any question you may have regarding app design, development or costs. Let us know your needs and goals and we’ll tell you how we can help you reach your business objectives well within your budget.

Can I see examples of your work?
Of course. We can provide you with case studies of the apps we have developed, apart from the feedback from some of our clients.

How long does it take to have an app developed?
The time taken to develop an app depends on the complexities involved in programming as well as the team size. We can work well within deadlines and produce quick turnarounds.

Do you help get the app submitted to the Apple iTunes Store for me?
HubSpire works directly with Apple’s iTunes team to set up an account, get approval for your app and launch the app in the store. You have full control of the proceeds and account post-launch.

Should I develop for Android or iOS?
Build an app on one platform first. Get feedback, iterate, test, improve and then build on the other platform.

How do I bring my app to the Android market or the Apple app store?
You just have to create a developer account with Google and Apple. They charge an annual app store fee of $25 and $99. Your developers can then upload your app into these app stores.

Should I offer my app for free?
Know how to monetize. You need to understand consumer behavior first. Study the market and see which apps the consumers are willing to purchase or download. You can even offer your app for free and generate revenue by running advertisements on your app.