A world renowned color expert wanted to find a way to help people create unique and inspiring color choices for their projects.

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Capturing Inspiration

Capturing Inspiration Drives a Colorful Solution

The app offers users a wide range of color creation and selection options, including the ability to create custom colors, select colors from photos or professionally designed themes, and combine colors to create personalized palettes. Users can also organize their colors into projects, create color swatches, and easily share their creations with designers, friends, or family.

In addition, the app features advanced AI technology that accurately reads specific colors from images and identifies multiple colors simultaneously for optimal results. These innovative features make color selection and creation easier and more efficient than ever before.

Creat Colors

Creating Your Own Colors

The app enables users to create their own colors. With the help of advanced imaging algorithms users can be inspired by colors found in photographs or come up with custom colors using the built-in color wheel. Users also have the option of choosing colors from pre-made themes curated by color professionals.

Creating Custom Color Swatches

Users can capture or select an image of their choice to help create their own unique color swatches. Users can take a photo or select an image from a variety of photo libraries, pick out the colors they want and apply them to create their own unique color swatches.

Color Swatches Color Swatches

Putting Together A Library Of Colors

With over 100 existing themes available at their fingertips, users can draw inspiration to create their own unique palettes and store them for easy access. Users can also store any generated inspiration for future reference.


Colorful Choices

Color911 provides users with over 100 color themes to draw inspiration from, each theme having its own distinct personality.

  • Colorful Choices
  • Colorful Choices
  • Colorful Choices

Discovery & User Journey

In order to streamline her color creation process and provide others with inspiration for their own creative projects, the client required a solution. The HubSpire team was committed to delivering an innovative solution that exceeded expectations, using Einstein's Razor methodology to accurately capture requirements and identify new features that would enhance the user experience.

A Colorful Solution Creates a Rainbow of Possibilities

The collaboration between Amy Wax and HubSpire has resulted in an innovative app that provides creatives with a professional edge in color selection and generation. With a wealth of helpful color advice at users' fingertips, creatives can capture their inspiration and create personalized color palettes that meet their specific needs. This powerful app is an invaluable tool for designers and creatives who seek to optimize their work by utilizing professional color advice to achieve the best possible results.

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