An all-in-one booking solution that enables users to effortlessly create, manage, and distribute NYC's finest experiences, allowing them to share their passions with others.

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Revitalizing Social Media: Creating Memories with Friends and Family

The app is a travel companion that offers interactive itineraries that contain the individual destinations. It also includes a Memories feature that lets users relive past experiences and share them with loved ones.

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Discover Journeys with Journey Cards

Journey Cards is an innovative itinerary building feature designed to enable users to effortlessly discover, reserve, and share exciting local activities with their friends and family. With Journey Cards, creating unforgettable memories in your city has never been easier.

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Find Experiences, Build your Journey

Each Journey in our app is composed of 1 to 3 "Experience Cards" that include the specific locations you will visit throughout your trip. These cards provide a clear and organized itinerary, making it easier for you to navigate your journey and make the most out of your travel experience.

An Intuitive All-In-One Checkout System

Interactive itineraries known as Journey Cards are designed to help users discover, book, and share exciting experiences in their city. With the ability to customize the itinerary, users can easily explore new places and invite others to join in on the adventure. Journey Cards make it simple to plan and organize group outings, ensuring that everyone has a memorable time.

Intuitive All-In-One
A Posting Built to Remember

Memories: A Posting Built to Remember

The Memories feature allows users to relive their past experiences on the social media feed without the need to shuffle through various posts, tags, and profiles. It functions like a personal album that remembers the details of the experience, including when and with whom it was shared, making it easy for users to cherish and share those moments with their friends and family.

Enhancing Your City Experience and Creating Memories

Interactive itineraries designed to make it easy for people to discover, book, and invite others to explore amazing things to do in their city. Experience Cards offer a detailed description of the destination, including photos, reviews, and a map. Additionally, users can book experiences and add them to their itinerary right from the card. With Journey Cards, users can plan their day out with ease and enjoy exploring their city.

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