Our proven methodology allows for innovation and ensures success through diligent discovery, people-centered design and meticulous development.

As practitioners of the Agile development methodology, we develop in “scrums” — daily and weekly stand-up meetings that allow for rapid iteration, frequent quality checks and continuous improvement. Agile. Continuous Innovation. Iteration. Sprints. Scrums. Rapid Development. We have adapted the best of Agile methodology and scrum practice to our experienced technology development approach.


We dig deep in the discovery phase, investigating everything with an open mind, questioning assumptions and doing extensive research to make sure that the challenge we are looking to solve is the right challenge, and we agree on the best solution.


Informed by our discovery phase, we wireframe the solution so that we can map out and test our strategy. Communication rounds in this stage are critical to work out high-level decisions before we move into design.


With an approved wireframe and strategy, our designers get to work, implementing best practices, user experience expertise, accessibility requirements and modern design guidelines to deliver a functional and aesthetically-pleasing product.


With a design in place, we iterate — question everything again, test for usability, map out scenarios and user journeys, and see if the solution we’ve chosen is still the best one to meet project goals.


After implementing and adjusting based on feedback from our iterations, our development team gets to work, building the actual solution using DevOps methodology (analysis, build, test, deploy) and version control protocol to produce the functional end product.


While testing is done at various stages in the process, the beta test after development is the final internal check for functionality, user experience, design or development bugs, etc.


With beta testing complete, the solution is delivered to our partner, as a 90% ready-for-launch solution. You’ll find any remaining bugs and make sure that it meets all the requirements and expectations, and is ready for launch.


The completed solution is released and monitored closely to ensure that launch rollout goes as planned.

Continued support and success!

Our support goes beyond launch date — we always stand behind our technology and will support the technology as needed for continued and ongoing success.

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