Completing A Degree Of Discovery

Hubspire’s approach was to incorporate the lessons from Northeastern University’s extensive academic research on effective student mentoring into an innovative, integrated technology solution.

Architecture & Mapping

The architecture and mapping for the student success and mental wellness is designed with a user-friendly front-end, robust back-end, matching algorithm, secure data storage, and integration with other tools to support students in achieving their academic and personal goals while providing them with a safe and secure environment to connect with mentors.

Architecture & Mapping

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The Ability to Access Academic and Mental Health Support Anywhere, Anytime



The Check-In allows students to reflect regularly on how they're feeling about their current challenges and share this with their mentors. The challenges are measured by the following seven dimensions: Academics, Career, Connections, Finances, Health, Planning and Well-being.

Set your Goal

Students can set and prioritize goals including the option to add custom goals for a specific challenge.

App Screen


Students and mentors can view events, filter them by category and receive announcements with relevant information.

Rescource Hub

Resource Hub

The Resource Hub provides mentors and students with access to a range of articles, as well as options to filter articles using tags, colleges, programs and more. Mentors can also share articles directly to students via chat or email.

Mentee Web and Mobile Application

The MentorHub app provides students with effective mentor support, interactive goal-setting, video and group chat capabilities, a self-serve resource hub, push notifications and nudging capabilities, calendar and scheduling features, digital badging and credentialing, and more to provide support and assistance for a better academic experience and better overall wellbeing.

Web Application


Mentors can assign referrals to students based on their top challenges and administrators can customize, create and view escalated referrals for further attention from Success Coordinators.



Messaging and meetings in the app allow students to communicate with their mentors. Program managers can track conversations and video meetings. Mentors have access to broadcasting, group messaging, emoji reactions, and attachments such as images, videos, or documents.

Mentor Web and Mobile Application

The mentor-facing experience of the app provides supervised communications with the student, feedback and suggestions from supervisors, access to training, early alerts for proactive support and real-time dashboards tracking student successes and challenges.

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Mobile Application
Admin Module

Administrators can create programs, program categories, assessment questionnaires, and safety information; import mentors and students; schedule meetings; and create Resource Hub articles, events and announcements to help guide their students.

Transformation Through Guided Support

HubSpire collaborated with Northeastern University to develop the MentorHub app, which empowers peer mentors to offer immediate support and track student progress, preventing the escalation of stressors and promoting mental health and academic success. The app also features goal-setting modules, a resource hub, and a learning management system for students, while allowing the university to leverage data for the development of interactive technologies to support students.

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