Designed to be user-friendly and efficient, enabling MTA staff to quickly and accurately identify the validity of tickets. With its advanced features and intuitive interface, it has significantly improved the efficiency and accuracy of MTA ticket validation processes.

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The Reports section of the app lists all captured Summons, Assists, and Warnings. You can search for a specific issued Summons by entering the ID# or scanning the barcode. The app automatically searches for the Summons from the list. You can also filter the entries by type and preview a summary of the tour report. Inspection entries cannot be voided, as they are just a record of activity by the Eagle team member.

Issues Summons

Issue Summons

When the app cannot find the fare media in its local database or from the OMNY backend (when there is an available connection), it shows a failure message. In such cases, the eagle team member can choose to issue a summons. The app then scans the barcode on the summons and provides a visual cue to indicate that the scanning is in progress.

Login & Bus Pairing

The Eagle Team member can log in to the app using their MTA IDM credentials. Once they tap on the SSID, the app initiates a pairing process that eliminates the need for a password or key. The app then reports whether the pairing was successful or not. A valid network connection is required for the login function.

Ticket Validation

Ticket Validation

The app checks if the ticket is valid by looking for it in its list of valid tickets. If it finds the ticket, it confirms that it's valid. If the list isn't available, the app still gives a success message but records the check locally. Later, when the app reconnects to the OMNY system, the records are sent to be checked and added to the list of valid or invalid tickets.


Eagle team members have the option to include comments in their daily activity, which are then sent to the OMNY backend along with their daily report. This feature allows team members to provide additional context or details about their activities, and ensures that all relevant information is recorded and easily accessible.

Validating Your MTA Tickets in Seconds

The app built for MTA squad simplifies the commute experience by allowing Eagle Team members to validate MTA tickets in seconds. The app provides an easy-to-use interface for logging in and pairing with available networks, as well as quick and reliable validation of fare media. In addition, the app allows for easy tracking and reporting of activity and comments, making it a valuable tool for efficient and accurate operations.

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