Drilling into the Key Challenges

HubSpire created an engaging learning experience for students to improve their academic performance by using their Einstein Razor-inspired Discovery Process. They identified the requirements for a user-friendly and intuitive solution and uncovered potential benefits such as creating meaningful engagement between students and faculty, and enabling professors to track and encourage learning progress over time.

The Innovative Learning Solution

The Innovative Learning Solution for the Modern Era

A fun, effective, and personalized tool that provides students with an engaging way to learn and enhance their academic performance and progress.

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Brushing Up on Your Knowledge

A Solution for Brushing Up on Your Knowledge

With their PAR (Potent, Adaptive and Rapid) Design Process, HubSpire utilized insights to develop an intuitive and dynamic learning solution for students and faculty. By leveraging this comprehensive approach, HubSpire was able to create a powerful solution to monitor learning and support academic performance.

Putting Your Knowledge to the Test

Students can participate in weekly quizzes to test their knowledge and improve their understanding of the material. Working through additional challenges and supplementary information can help students boost their academic performance. Students can demonstrate their knowledge to peers and faculty by competing for the week’s highest score.

Putting Your Knowledge
Trivia and Definitions

Trivia and Definitions

Having over 1200 questions and definitions becomes a comprehensive resource to help students study as well as test their knowledge on specific topics. The range of difficulty levels allows students to progress at their own pace, and helps them easily identify any areas of weakness to focus on.

Bridging the Knowledge Gap

Students can create custom quizzes to aid their review process, with the ability to add and remove questions as needed. By compiling questions they are having difficulty with, students can focus on mastering the material more effectively.

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Getting Ahead Together

The messaging platform can benefit students by allowing them to communicate with peers and faculty when they are having difficulty with a question or topic. It allows them to ask questions, clarify topics of learning, or receive advice from peers and instructors in real-time. This can be especially helpful when studying remotely.

Platform can benefit students
Platform can benefit students
A Learning Solution That Delivers Valuable Lessons

The Dental City Trivia app provides an engaging and effective way for students to learn, with regular quizzes and customized question flagging for revision. Professors can track progress and structure quizzes by topic and difficulty level, while messaging allows for interaction with peers and faculty. The app is updated regularly to keep content current, and students can learn at their own pace anytime, anywhere.

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