Moving Forward With Efficiency

Global logistics leader that improves operations and customer experience by leveraging HubSpire's transport expertise and digital technologies to enable efficient bidding for jobs, real-time tracking of trucks and shipments, and reimagining logistics operations for business growth. By implementing the solution, the client was able to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver a better experience for both shippers and trucking companies.

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Completing A Degree Of Discovery

HubSpire revolutionized the way shippers connect with trucking companies, offering unprecedented efficiency, transparency, and cost-effectiveness. Our end-to-end solution seamlessly manages all aspects of the business for shippers, trucking companies, and pilot car drivers on an integrated system. With robust UX/UI solutions, we optimized the app's performance through discovery, wireframing, design, and a technology stack of React, React Native, NodeJS, and MongoDB. Our cloud-based system, consisting of 5 core modules, enables the coordination and management of the entire trucking logistics process between the 4 key stakeholders: Shipper, Dispatcher, Truck Driver, and Pilot Car Driver. This unified web and app-driven system provides greater transparency, improved efficiencies, and real-time tracking from departure to delivery.

A Streamlined and Efficient Solution

Optimizing business processes to achieve a higher level of efficiency and cost-effectiveness to provide an end-to-end solution that is seamless and easy to use.

Shipper web

Shipper Web and Mobile Application

Our platform offers shipping companies a streamlined solution to manage their shipments and easily connect with trucking companies. With real-time tracking and confirmation of delivery, users can stay in control of the entire process through our intuitive web and app interface.

Dispatcher Web and Mobile Application

The application was designed to help trucking companies manage their load bids and permits, pilot car drivers, real-time job tracking, and other relevant details on a web interface, tablet interface (iPad), and mobile app. It provided them with an efficient and reliable way of managing their business operations.

Truck driver web

Truck Driver Web and Mobile Application

Truck drivers are able to easily manage their jobs, communicate with dispatchers and pilot car drivers, provide feedback on the performance of pilot cars, and follow purpose designated truck routes all through a convenient mobile app. This facilitates a streamlined process for trucking companies in terms of job assignments, cost estimates and performance ratings.

Pilot Car Web and Mobile Application

Using the PTLS web or mobile app, pilot car drivers can easily access and bid on available jobs. Upon winning a bid, they can view all relevant job details, utilize the app's mapping feature to navigate to the job site, and make necessary adjustments, such as adding extra costs. The app also functions as a platform for pilot drivers to be hired, creating a micro economy similar to that of Uber drivers. Upon approval, the app will send job notifications to pilot drivers matching their license credentials.

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  • creating a micro economy

A Streamlined and Efficient Solution

The PTLS Admin manages the entire life cycle of the logistics process from approving shipping companies, trucking companies and pilot car drivers to ensuring payments are made in a timely manner. They have access to various reports and data analytics that enable them to find actionable insights and make informed decisions to drive business results.

Streamlined Solution
Value Delivered for logistics

HubSpire's app revolutionizes the logistics/transport industry by providing a digital marketplace for instant job bidding, real-time tracking, and streamlined communication. It reduces shipping and delivery times, saving time, fuel, and money by eliminating unnecessary travel and empty drives. Real-time tracking and communication improve customer service and operational efficiency, benefiting all stakeholders in the transport logistics chain.

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