National Security Agency in the Middle East

The client processed Controlled Unclassified Information across the IT environment and required an audit of their top secret identity management system.

Comprehensive review of the identity management system to identify any potential security gaps, vulnerabilities, or weaknesses in the system's design, implementation, and operation .Assess the effectiveness of the system's access control mechanisms, authentication protocols, and authorization processes and evaluate the system's audit trail capabilities to ensure that all system activity is logged, monitored, and reviewed on a regular basis.


  • Independent assurance that the system is protected against unauthorized access, tampering, or other security breaches
  • Compliance with applicable regulations, standards, and policies

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Case Studies

Cybersecurity Program & Remediation Strategy

The goal here was to help the client identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks in order to protect its information systems and assets


Forensic analysis of GDPR breach & Annual audit of control readiness

The engagement involved investigating and analyzing a security incident to determine the cause and extent of a potential data breach while the annual audit of control readiness involved reviewing the client's security controls and policies to assess their effectiveness in addressing potential security risks and compliance with relevant regulations.


Cybersecurity Technology Evaluation & Design

The engagement involved evaluating different vendors of intrusion detection and prevention systems and selecting the best solution to meet the client's specific security requirements.


Cyber Risk Map

The goal here was to develop a visual representation of the client's cyber risk exposure.


Cybersecurity Policies & Procedures Review

The goal here was to help the client identify gaps and areas for improvement across their existing cybersecurity policies and procedures.


Compliance Assessments

The goal here was to help the client comply with applicable cybersecurity and privacy regulations while ensuring secure handling of credit card information that aligns with PCI-DSS requirements.