Technology Services Provider for the Airlines Industry operating in the US

In response to the growing threat landscape the client required cyber risk maps covering their major sites of operation in the Americas to gain insight into their most valuable assets in the region and determine how best to increase cyber resiliency across them.

The primary goal of the engagement was to identify the list of sites operating out of Americas and develop a regional view of its associated threat profile and top cyber risks leveraging a methodology that qualified cyber risks based on a client’s most attractive assets from a hacker’s point of view.


  • Holistic view of cyber risks by region and the controls in place to manage them
  • Demonstrative way to evidence compliance to applicable industry standards

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Case Studies

Cybersecurity Program & Remediation Strategy

The goal here was to help the client identify and mitigate potential cybersecurity risks in order to protect its information systems and assets


Control Assessment & AFIS and IRIS-based forensic product review

The engagement involved evaluating the client's security controls and policies, as well as assessing the effectiveness of digital forensic products based on Automated Fingerprint Identification System (AFIS) and Iris Recognition Integrated System (IRIS) technologies.


Forensic analysis of GDPR breach & Annual audit of control readiness

The engagement involved investigating and analyzing a security incident to determine the cause and extent of a potential data breach while the annual audit of control readiness involved reviewing the client's security controls and policies to assess their effectiveness in addressing potential security risks and compliance with relevant regulations.


Cybersecurity Technology Evaluation & Design

The engagement involved evaluating different vendors of intrusion detection and prevention systems and selecting the best solution to meet the client's specific security requirements.


Cybersecurity Policies & Procedures Review

The goal here was to help the client identify gaps and areas for improvement across their existing cybersecurity policies and procedures.


Compliance Assessments

The goal here was to help the client comply with applicable cybersecurity and privacy regulations while ensuring secure handling of credit card information that aligns with PCI-DSS requirements.