Is it time to develop a mobile app?

June 4, 2020

Mobile apps are a great tool for improving business efficiency, user interaction and revenue generation, but not all organizations stand to benefit from developing one. A mobile app requires an initial investment, and some organizations may not see the best ROI after the app is deployed. Luckily, there are several telltale signs that will let you know if you stand to gain by developing a mobile app.

Over a quarter of your customers are opening your emails out on mobile devices
If you track your email metrics, you may notice that a significant portion of your customers are opening your emails on their mobile devices. This is a sign that you might have a positive ROI in case you develop a mobile app. The users who are opening your emails on mobile devices will be interested in an app that conveys your messages more effectively through push notifications. This app can then further engage them and track important metrics.

Your website’s reengagement rate is below 35%
Keeping your audience engaged is the key to return business and a healthy bottom line. This is why organizations invest in content marketing, social media marketing, website testing and design, and other marketing tools and techniques. However, a mobile app is one of the best ways to keep users engaged. If you are seeing dwindling reengagement rates, and are spending a considerable amount of money on retargeting ads, you can redirect part of your budget to app development. As mentioned above, an app can track important user metrics, and offer push notifications to reengage a user. An app also opens the door to many new capabilities and features that are not available on a website or social media platform.

Companies within your niche already have apps
If companies within your niche, and your direct competitors, already have apps, you can make a pretty safe bet that they’ve already done the preliminary research work and market testing to ensure that the apps are a worthwhile investment. You target audience is also accustomed to apps at this point, so they will be more open to downloading and using yours. All you have to do is research the apps already in the market, and offer enough of an improvement to make sure that you provide the best value with your app.

You have a young target audience
If you offer products or services to a market that is mainly comprised of young adults in the 16 to 34 year old range, investing in a mobile app is safe. Almost 90% of people within this age range own a mobile device, according to Ofcom. On top of that, this target audience prefers to navigate content through apps instead of a regular browser. These facts make apps for colleges and educational institutions very effective.