The ‘ghosts’ are back for the party!

May 15, 2020

Hello pumpkin! It’s time for some spooky hell of a time. Yes, Halloween’s back. So while everyone’s going to hear more of nail-biting urban legends all over again, we, especially our kids, are going to slip into some scary costumes for our annual Halloween horror party. Well, if you can keep a secret, some of the people we know never take off these costumes even after Halloween. Ok, somebody is going to put spiders in our coffee tomorrow.
All things aside, have a great time at the Halloween costume parties, and keep the best candies for the little Frankenstein’s knocking on your door. All right then, we’ve got to attend to some horrors of prospective customers who have been ignoring their mobile readiness in business. Quite right, in the business world, it’s been a never-ending Halloween for a large number of people who have been slow to adapt. Never mind, people like us are always around to bail them out of their web technology horrors. So which Michael Myers bug is troubling your website dreams? Just give us a call.