Thanksgiving… this year, our shout out goes to the programmers behind the scenes!

July 17, 2020

Thanksgiving’s here! It’s time for shoppers to head out for Black Friday sales, family gatherings over a cornucopia topped with a turkey, exotic dishes from culinary specialists, some rollicking moments with party lovers, and couch potatoes to stay glued to parades and football. But before we move on, let’s all THINK for a moment! Think of all those people that have made your lives easier with technology.
I’m talking about the guys that work day and night to get the “little code” into your computers/cloud and the smartphones. For us, programmers/engineers make our day easier every second of life. Let’s just say they are the lifeline to technology. All members of programming teams in today’s tech world seldom get the recognition they deserve. It’s always the next-gen gadget or the next social/business app that take the honors without ever mentioning these creative beings. So, we express our gratitude to this rare breed of our generation for helping us evolve more consciously, conscientiously, innovatively, happily, productively, and safely into the future. Without them, the tech world may have been groping in the dark. Programmers and engineers, your breed ROCKS! And we want you to keep up the tempo of creativity. This thanksgiving, we are thankful to all of the hard-working talented programmers.
Before signing off, we wanted to tell you that this is a special moment for us on social media. For the past one year, we have been tweeting and posting about all the interesting developments in the startup world. I believe the startup followers in our online community like what we have been trying to do for them. We promise you more awesome news from the business world this year and in 2015. We are having a very good year, and we are thankful to all of our clients, readers, bloggers, and all IT companies that are coming up with great products, such as Smartsheets, Evernote, Trello, or anything to do with the Internet of Things. In our small world, everything begins and ends with (fine) coding. So, lastly, we thank all developers across the world for keeping us inspired and entertained all the way. Well, guys, that’s about it then. Let’s have a memorable Thanksgiving. Hit the party, and stay safe! Happy Turkey day!!!