Game over for companies with non-responsive websites in 2015!

May 27, 2020

The clock’s been ticking at a fast pace for desktop website owners for over two years now. A responsive makeover is long overdue, and the steady climb of mobile Internet usage only shows that the fewer leads that they have been netting now too will vanish in the days to come if they don’t catch up with technology. The brick and mortar environment of multiple small, medium, and big businesses is desperately in need of technological ventilation, and in such a scenario, resisting change isn’t a good move. Imagine yourself going on a vacation to a winter destination without required clothing, proper accommodation, guidance, and enough money. You’ll land in trouble. A business may not be a destination you are heading for, but it’s the vehicle that will take you to your goals and targets by translating your vision into pathways of growth. So, it’s always better to get your business gear in shape before you embark on a journey connecting you with customers from various walks of life.

Responsive web design is the perfect tech gear for businesses as of today, enabling them to switch the shape, size, and look of the website on a mobile device. Another great year is coming to an end, with some visionaries sounding out a warning of quick cash burnouts in the startup world. Well, we think cash burnouts are happening even at scores of small businesses that are still stuck in the brick and mortar world with dull template or mobile-unfriendly websites. Most of their investments in operational resources bring less or no returns just because of a lack of technological optimization. They can avert a bigger tragedy by adapting themselves to responsive web design. It’s a significant step that can phenomenally change the way you do your business. How? Let’s take a look at some good articles that we came across while updating ourselves with web design trends.

10 design mantras to get going the responsive way
Is minimalist design the best thing to happen? Can we accommodate content overload? How do we get fluidity in design? Is a responsive website merely a better replica of a desktop version? Can we have uniformity in design and content for both our desktop and mobile audiences? Stay easy. These responsive design mantras will give you an idea of how to go about it.

7 reasons why it is a much-needed investment
What are the benefits of going responsive? Will it turn out to be a facial makeover to show off? Do we have to spend a fortune to design a responsive website? Forget the negatives. It’s all about better RoIs.

5 reasons not to get paranoid about responsive web design
Don’t listen to people who are making wild guesses about responsive web design. The myths will start crumbling the moment you talk to someone who knows a great deal about it.

Tailor the website the way your target audience wants it
A responsive website is not just about putting together a website. It’s more about how you package and operationalize it for your daily targets.

You can take advantage of responsive design only if you know how to
If you do not know much about coding or search engine optimization, then you should engage a design/SEO expert or agency to make the best of a responsive project.

Every small business needs to be responsive
It’s never been a game of affordability. It has been always been about adaptability.

Even non-responsive big players are adapting
Sometimes, industry leaders of certain domains are found to be far behind in the game of technology. Well, they may be, but what’s important is the fact that they are showing signs of adaptation.

Now, are you convinced about the importance of responsive web design? Not yet? Tell us why you think responsive web design can’t bring you more leads and returns. Before signing off, we beg your pardon for sounding out an alarm in our headline. We just want you to make headway before the game is over.