Fast Company 2020 World Changing Ideas – HubSpire AIVI Mobile App

May 29, 2020

According to Statistica, the U.S Staffing and recruiting market is expected to increase to $157.8 billion in 2020. Among the employers surveyed, 72% were experiencing difficulty finding proper candidates for their open positions. With roughly a quarter of Americans changing jobs every single year, it is more important than ever for both companies and candidates to find ideal matches in a more efficient manner.

This is where AIVI (Artificial Intelligence Video Interview) app comes in to play. The AIVI app is an all-in-one AI recruiting solution for businesses of all sizes. AIVI was designed to eliminate bias from the hiring process by giving employers the data they need to make the right decision from a large pool of candidates.

The average interview process takes about 23 days, broken down into 3 interviews from a span of three to six weeks. During this time, recruiters need to screen for candidates, schedule and conduct interviews, compare with other candidates, all while using a multitude of applications and navigating through cluttered windowed screens. Now with the AIVI app, recruiters can seamlessly move applicants through each stage of the hiring process and never lose track of a candidate’s progress along the way.

Recruiters can screen candidates with three types of assessments: a personality assessment, communication assessment, and a skills assessment. Once a candidate has passed a particular screening, recruiters will then be allowed to invite candidates through the app for a live video interview session.

What makes AIVI so unique is that it is the first application to back an interviewer’s gut feeling with useful and actionable data. Without the AIVI app, unless the person conducting the interview is a former FBI agent or a Doctorate in Psychology, many small things may go unnoticed to the untrained eye. With the AIVI app, recruiters will no longer have to second guess their intuition. AIVI’s use of AI and machine learning will make sure every recruiter will have the insight and data they need to make the right hiring decisions. Every video that is collected from the candidates will be analyzed, and then backed up for future viewing.

AIVI also provides unique benefits for the potential candidate applying for an open position. For the candidate, AIVI not only helps them schedule and complete more interviews in less time, but also prequalifies, and eliminates the inconvenience of taking days off and traveling associated with an in-person interview that doesn’t pan out. Candidates using AIVI will also have relief knowing that their interview would not be affected by an interviewer’s mood in any particular day.

Technology stack used to develop AIVI is React Native/Node JS/MongoDB/AWS and is powered by the latest technology from IBM Watson/NLP and Machine Learning technology. It is safe to say that AIVI is a scalable solutions and recruiters can expect to see more functionality as AIVI grows.

AIVI will transform how employers recruit, giving them everything they need to hire the perfect candidate in less time. We know our AIVI app will provide an innovative solution that both employers and candidates will love!

Artificial intelligence and machine learning is shaping the future of modern technology. Hubspire’s team of highly talented designers and engineers use these technologies to solve complex problems in a myriad of industries. By leveraging technology, we believe can make the world a better and more equitable place. Our solution, AIVI (Artificial Intelligence Video Interview), is a mobile application for interview sessions. We believe it will revolutionize the recruiting process by helping employers address some of the major challenges they face while hiring.

AIVI’s most important innovation lies within its ability to continuously learn what type of personality fits with each position in a company. For example, let’s say Company A, decides to use the AIVI app to hire customer service representatives with “outgoing” personality traits. Then over the next few months, they experience a high turnover rate. With AIVI’s use of machine learning, it will automatically know to give less “weight” to candidates with outgoing personality traits. This will allow recruiting managers to receive better and better candidates using AIVI just by hiring candidates over time.

Every year, companies of all sizes spend significant amounts of time, energy, and resources in finding the best talent. Now with AIVI’s all-in-one solution, employers will have everything they need to manage recruitment campaigns while also leveraging AIVI’s data visualization tools to get additional insight on each candidate. Only the top candidates will be invited to in person meetings, saving significant amounts of time for both the candidate and the recruiter.