Employee Engagement Mobile App with Sentiment Analysis

April 25, 2023


With over a decade of experience in various technology domains and numerous clients with different multifaceted requirements, we approach innovation not as an initiative, but as our modus operandi. HubSpire approach to innovation is defined by HubLabs, an internal team that pursue potential and develop unique technological advances that could be game changers to our current service offerings. HubLabs was stood up to apply disruptive technologies to existing problem areas and deliver exceptional results and discover untapped market opportunities. At Hubspire, we deliberately target the “higher human needs” such as autonomy, happiness and social connections. With a laser-like focus on mobile products/capabilities and digital design, our solutions can scale while enabling fast adoption.


Employee Engagement Mobile App

One of our clients: a large HVAC and Building Optimization service provider, with remote workers scattered across the country, needed to find a way to engage their teams. Having a diverse workforce at different geolocations, the employee engagement was at an all-time low, with critical challenges in learning and training. Employee’s productivity was affected and they required a platform to improve and measure employee engagement.


HubSpire’s team of experts engineered an innovative mobile app leveraging advanced text analytics platforms. The collection of user feedback was centralized across multiple channels while analyzing structured and unstructured feedback – at scale – with human level accuracy powered by state-of-the-art neural network algorithms. Employees were encouraged to pitch in with ideas to help troubleshoot and resolve a particular case. Employees had the ability to comment on posts made by colleagues with a timeline feature in the mobile app. Users received rewards and were featured on leadership boards if they earned enough points and employee engagement stats were displayed on a big screen in Corporate offices. Our R&D wing: HubLabs, went the extra mile and expanded application scope and leveraged Sentiment Analysis which is a field within Natural Language Processing (NLP) to build the solution to help our client identify and extract opinions within the text. HubSpire exceeded client expectations by enabling them to get a pulse on employee sentiment quickly, act on employee feedback, and make changes to corporate policies and directives to improve retention rates, increase engagement, and boost productivity.