A helpful reference sheet on website redesign

May 15, 2020

What’s in a website? Your survival in the digital world depends entirely on the likability and usability of your website. Essentially, a B2B website is the frontend of your business in the digital world, enabling a user, a customer, or a visitor make a rounded assessment of you and your business. Do you know that every shred of credibility and trustworthiness of your business is in-built in your website alone? A website’s design and content are the two major factors that decide the market competition in your favor. Therefore, your website has to make a lasting first impression to earn the attention and trust of your potential clients.
Most of the times, a great number of companies are sitting pretty with a website that has been made just for the heck of it, and they never delve into the real questions of whether their website is bringing them the real conversions that are required to sustain the lifeline of their business. That’s exactly why they do not know whether their website is badly in need of a major design makeover. Do you know when is the right time for a redesign or re-launch of your website? We’ve created a simple reference sheet for you to see whether your B2B website has been designed and developed with a sincere intent to expand your ROIs.

The web design reference sheet
1. Is your website responsive or mobile-friendly?

2. Is your website showing relevant, accurate information?

3. Does your website reflect the intent, purpose, and vision of your brand in the right measure?

4. Does your website clearly define the strategic goals and objectives of your business?

5. Does your website show how credible and reliable your products and services really are?

6. Does your website help you position your strategies?

7. Can your website stand up to the online conversion potential of your market competitors?

8. Does your website have meaningful and engaging content?

9. Does your website make an attempt to understand and answer client’s questions or inquiries?

10. Does your website align well with tried and tested search engine optimization strategies?

11. Does your website stand a good chance of making it to the search engine results page?

12. Has your website been made for a specific target audience?

13. Does your website have social media integration?

14. Does your website have interesting and informative video content?

15. Has your website been engineered with an eye on online expansion of your business?

16. Is your website easy to use for your sales and technical teams?

17. How well does your website’s content management system work? Is it easy to update and maintain?

18. Does your website load quickly and make way for smooth navigation?

19. Does your website make a lasting impression on visitors?

20. Is your website a useful resource for potential clients?

If every question on the above reference sheet made you wonder whether your website is really a standard one, then it is time for you to pay attention to a complete redesign of your website.