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The Need

There is often a knowledge and understanding gap between immigrants and their new nation, and this gap is widened when you have a large influx of newcomers, each with their own culture, background and story. Moving Stories wanted an app that would allow immigrants to share their personal story, so that new understanding could come to life.

Our Strategy

In order to help Moving Stories achieve their stated goals, we focused on three key areas: the interviewee’s profile, recording the interview, and sharing the interview. Combined with an easy-to- use, friendly interface, this formula would help immigrants of all backgrounds share their story.

Our Solution

Put in practice, our strategy generated an app that helps create a comprehensive interviewee profile complete with release forms, pictures and all relevant contact information. On top of that, the app also generates a questionnaire based on the interviewee’s generation. The interview can be either audio or video, and once it has been recorded, it can be private, shared on the Moving Stories website, or shared on Facebook and other social media platforms.

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