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The Need

An organization will often have a social media presence that spans several platforms, and their interaction with their customer base will take place across several mediums. On the other hand, the customer base is engaged across multiple platforms by multiple companies. This leads to a lot of ineffectiveness, noise, and faltering engagement rates.

Our Strategy

Seeing an opportunity to help organizations and users establish strong connections, CIVL, in partnership with HubSpire, launched an app that would address all of these pain points.
CIVL allows an organization to set it’s page to private or public, promote news and offer updates, create events and track attendance digitally, set up polls, create petitions, chat with members, post jobs, and upload media.

Our Solution

Compared to other platforms, CIVL’s main focus is on providing a higher degree of meaningful interaction between an organization and its members, while removing many of the privacy concerns that are so prevalent in today’s social media ecosystem. CIVL is also highly focused on User Experience and accessibility. Organizations are able to set up a page effortlessly without the help of paid specialists.

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