HubSpire Is Grateful for Our Reviews

October 16, 2020

According to an article titled 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App, of the time users spend on iOS and Android connected devices, 86% was spent on apps, while only 14% was spent on an internet browser. It is clear that using a mobile app provides value to your customers, helps build strong brand recognition, and improves customer engagement.

At HubSpire, mobile app development is our forte, and we work with our clients to make sure the apps we create help provide the utmost value to the user. Our development process is innovative and product-centric, delivering high-quality results. It all starts with ideation, then carries to UI/UX design, then development and implementation, and finally maintenance and support.
In order to continue developing top mobile apps for our clients, we rely on customer feedback and reviews. That’s why we appreciate companies like Clutch, a ratings and review website for B2B service providers. Clutch names us one of the best in New York for mobile app development solutions!

One of our satisfied clients recently left us a review on Clutch’s platform. This client, Safe Squad, had us develop a mobile safety app. Below is the review:

After completing development projects for our clients, we always maintain a long-term relationship. We are so glad that our clients feel strongly about the fact that we have fostered these relationships!

Another satisfied client was a department at The University of Massachusetts. We developed a mobile app for use in the classroom, which featured modular design and user-friendly navigation. The client wanted to use the app to streamline multiple systems they were previously using.

This client claimed that the app has “become an essential tool for several university classrooms.” We completed the project in a quick timeline (one month) and affordable budget for this client, which are two aspects that draw clients to our services.

At HubSpire, we very much appreciate client reviews. We use all of this feedback to make sure every client is ultimately satisfied with their mobile app.

Clutch’s sister site, The Manifest, is another resource for businesses on B2B providers. HubSpire is also highly ranked in Philadelphia on The Manifest as a top iOS development company!

Visual Objects is another website that allows prospective clients to see examples of our work. Visual Objects also names us a top app development company in India.

We work hard to make sure every one of our app development projects are timely, affordable, and most importantly, bring value to the user.

We are grateful for every review left on Clutch’s website. We treat feedback and reviews as important aspects in bettering our company!

Contact us today about how we can provide mobile app development solutions to bring value to your business.